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PRofessional kitchen facilities

banquet in Valhalla 


Choose whatever you wish For

Åsgård has a professional kitchen capable to providing all of the choices you could possibly imagine. you may cook for yourself, bring your own chef, ask us to provide chefs and kitchen staff for you or if you wish leave the whole thing to us through our personal Concierge Service. Whatever you choose, your choice will be exactly what you wish for.



  • Kitchen and all equipment.
  • Access to personal Concierge Services.
  • Direct access to our preferred Catering suppliers.

Åsgård music stage

Bring the party home


Break the sound of silence

The Åsgård Music Stage is a professional installation used by the owner who is a professional musician. Whether you would like to enjoy a private concert, audition a new band, end the evening with a live band, have classical concert, all of these things are possible. If you would like help finding a suitable musical treat then ask our personal Concierge Services. 



  • Stage and facilities.
  • Access to our personal Concierge Services.

Individual accomodation for up to 24 guests

sleep among the gods


Sleep and relax in comfort

Our twelve rooms are sensitively decorated and themed to bring to life the stories of the Northern Gods. Each room is unique and unlike any other, providing a unique personal environment in which to enjoy the surroundings of Åsgård.

Before you arrive, let us know what you require to enhance your stay and we shall be happy to accommodate your wishes.  We shall be happy to add personal touches and effects to each room for your individual satisfaction or your group, personalising the lasting memory of your occasion.



  • Personal consultation before you arrive
  • Use of the the room, the communal areas of the house and the grounds for the duration of your stay.
  • Access to our personal Concierge Services
  • Personalised checkout times.